Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gathering Of The Vibes

for the lowdown of this years vibes
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ahhhh my dirty hippie utopia.... this is THE hippest jamband music festival in the north east of the USA. I would live here at Indian Lookout Point just outside of Albany NY if i could. I have seen and met more great bands and musicians here than anywhere else. The communal family scene here is magical. 'strangers meeting strangers, just to shake their hand' Ive been going since Phil & Friends played in 2002. when the festival is not going on, the website has a large online community disscusion board.

from left to right: tony trishka, vassar clemmons, sam bush, peter rowan and bryn bright.

tony was bela flecks banjo teacher
sam is a pioneer of fusion jazz/rock/bluegrass
peter played with the father of bluegrass...a mr. bill monroe
vassar and peter played in a band with jerry garcia and david grisman called Old & In The Way.

This is a picture i took of vassar backstage at vibes 04'.
He was such a genuine soul and wonderful violinist.
Vassar gave in to his battle with cancer and died
in his home in Tennessee on August 16th 2005

Del McCoury and the boys.......
Ronnie McCoury -mandolin
Rob McCoury- banjo
Jason Carter-fiddle

Jamie Mansfield from
Jazz Mandolin Project

Railroad Earth
these guys are up and coming band soon to be BIG if they keep up the good work!

New Orleans Radiators

vibes 04'

vibes 04' saturday night all star funk jam with New Orleans George Porter on Bass and vocals (from The Meters) w/ Deep Bannana Blackout horns.

Bob Weir and Ratdog headlined on Friday night and former Grateful Deads' singer Donna Godchaux-MacKay showed up to help on a couple of numbers.....It was afterall a Jerry Garcia tribute weekend to commemorate 10 years since the passing of his death....and what a tribute!!! many of jerrys compadres and fellow musicians showed up to celebrate the fat man and his musical directions.

David Nelson and Dark Star Orchestra during the jerry tribute.

"Never had such a good time in my life
I'd like to have it one time
One good ride from start to
I'd like to take that ride again. Again!"


rick from Binghamton said...

Hey Kenny!
Is that the pic of you two that I took at the Vibes?
Not the best shot, huh? At least it got both of you and you can see those guys working on their truck..... ummmm keep on bloggin'
c-ya on the flip

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