Sunday, September 18, 2005

when the going gets weird, the weird turns pro.... own website eh? no telling what kind of random acts of kindness
and senseless acts of beauty that might emerge from the depths of my mind.......
this is dedicated to all of lifes teachers, whomever they might be,
but especially the musicians and journalist/writers whos words and sounds
have changed the lives of countless people.

"There he goes. One of God's own prototypes.
Some kind of high powered mutant never even
considered for mass production.
Too weird to live, and too rare to die."
-Hunter S. Thompson

" it never got weird enough for me."

click here for an article of Dr. Thompsons suicide

"No More Games. No More bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun -- for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax -- This won't hurt."

"Publishers are notoriously slothful about numbers, unless they're attached to dollar signs - unlike journalists, quarterbacks, and felony criminal defendants who tend to be keenly aware of numbers at all times." -Dr. H.S.Thompson

Jack Keroauc and William S. Burroughs......pioneers of the Beatnik writing which is often compared to jazz improvisations and meters.

"Great things are not accomplished by those
who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion. "

"If moderation is a fault, then indifference is a crime. "- Jack Keroauc

List of Essentials: Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild typewritten pages, for yr own joy Submissive to everything, open, listening Try never get drunk outside yr own house Be in love with yr life Something that you feel will find its own form Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind Blow as deep as you want to blow Write what you want bottomless from bottom of the mind The unspeakable visions of the individual No time for poetry but exactly what is Visionary tics shivering in the chest In tranced fixation dreaming upon object before you Remove literary, grammatical and syntactical inhibition Like Proust be an old teahead of time Telling the true story of the world in interior monolog The jewel center of interest is the eye within the eye Write in recollection and amazement for yourself Work from pithy middle eye out, swimming in language sea Accept loss forever Believe in the holy contour of life Struggle to sketch the flow that already exists intact in mind Dont think of words when you stop but to see pictures better Keep track of every day the date emblazoned in yr morning No fear or shame in the dignity of yr experience, language & knowledge Write for the world to read and see yr exact pictures of it Bookmovie is th movie in words, the visual American form In praise of Character in the Bleak inhuman Loneliness Composing wild, undisciplined, pure, coming in from under, crazier the better You're a Genius all the time Writer-Director of Earthly movies Sponsored & Angeled in Heaven -J.Kerouac

Allen Ginsberg was one of the first people to challenge censorship and freedom of speech and press with his epic poem HOWL......for the full poem, click here > Ginsberg for a detailed report of the 1959 court hearings go to

from left to right: Larry Rivers, Jack Kerouac,David Amram, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso (with back to camera)

The prosecutor in the Howl case was Ralph McIntosh, whose earlier targets included nudist magazines and Howard Hughes' sensual Jane Russell movie The Outlaw. But Allen's poem took McIntosh beyond his depth. He could not understand the poem, except for the dirty words, and neither literary critic Mark Schorer, the defense's main witness, nor Judge Horn, who tried the case without a jury, would help him out.
RALPH McINTOSH: I presume you understand the whole thing, is that right? MARK SCHORER: I hope so. It's not always easy to know that one understands exactly what a contemporary poet is saying . . . RALPH McINTOSH: Do you understand what "angel headed hipsters burning for the ancient connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night" means? MARK SCHORER: Sir, you can't translate poetry into prose. That's why it's poetry. RALPH McINTOSH: In other words, you don't have to understand the words. MARK SCHORER: You don't understand the individual words taken out of their context. You can no more translate it back into logical prose English than you can say what a surrealistic painting means in words, because it's not prose . . . I can't possibly translate, nor, I am sure, can anyone in this room translate the opening part of this into rational prose. RALPH McINTOSH: Your Honor, frankly I have only got a batch of law degrees. I don't know anything about literature. But I would like to find out what this is all about. It's like this modern painting nowadays, surrealism or whatever they call it, where they have a monkey come in and do some finger painting.
When McIntosh tried to get Schorer to admit that some of the "obscene" terms Allen used could "have been worded some other way," Judge Horn intervened: "It is obvious that the author could have used another term but that's up to the author to decide." Judge Horn was not prepared to let policemen or prosecutors mess around with Allen's artistic freedom, nor to let an expert witness be browbeaten. Other defense witnesses also racked up points on Allen's side...


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