Monday, February 08, 2010

american idol the cesspool of american culture

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american idol idiots..........
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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

american idol is the piss poor pot of a cesspool
collecting under the homes and tvs of a new and
stupid counter culture that is the degradation
of not only our musical heritage and culture,
but also musicians everywhere.

America, a country once known for innovative
and creative musical culture, creating blues, jazz, rock n roll,
bluegrass, hip hop, etc etc.
has now degraded down to watching dumb numb nuts
on tv.

instead of going to see real musicians play their
craft, americans prefer to dump their cultural expectations
and knowledge onto some corporate reality tv
experts...who in fact took the fun of chineese karaoke
and glamorized it and idealized in attemp to idolize for all the
talentless hacks praying for their 1-15 minutes of fame.
the winners? have a season and perhaps a one year of fame!!
it is my opinion that these reality tv corporate executives should
be strung up by their balls, and put on a spit and roasted by
the fires of hell started from the money they extract from the public and networks
that support them, they should be glazed from the drippings of
drool extracted by all the envious participants and stuffed with the mush for brains of the people that all participate in this degradation and embarassment of
the music business, and fed to any people who share in the happiness that comes from this diseased business.
ive watched this unwanted fungus growing on the tourist coasts of the eastern united states and im sure its creeping, unnoticed throughout america and i fear for our culture. soon our culture will be defined by its lack of culture.

shame on you american idol idiots.
real music and musicians are taking monetary losses,
concert sales are down, musicians are starving in the streets
because you would rather sing and watch karaoke,
while a computer plays the musical instruments.
because you are too dumb/lame/uncultured to appreciate and support
people who spend their lives on the appreciation and performance of
get a life, and perhaps borrow the 2 cents that is so badly needed in this country.


p.s. feel free to comment on my blog, i dont care if you love or hate american idol..lets hear your opinion..