Thursday, March 25, 2010

free pink floyd BBC 70-71 download

Two great BBC performances for your downloading pleasure.........there is more artwork in the zip/rar files...
 both disks and artwork
disk 1 w artwork
disk 2 w artwork      these 2 are from RapidShare and soon i will have a list of downloadable links (up to 100 for people interested in downloading free music (free music is harder to give away than you might think!)

there is much more to come as i will be uploading ROIO (Recording of Independent Origin) cant buy these in stores...nor should you, they are free!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this is wonderful, in 320 yet!
i've grabbed the 'meddled' bootleg somewhere, but this disc 2 is supposed to be it...tho i made a notation on 'meddled' that only cuts 1-3 are actually from the paris cinema in sept '71, so this is the true show. very cool.
thanks and thanks for this great site. and i'm glad to see you're a feat fan here addition to a bit of bluegrass seeing you've done merlefest too.
i'm a big david grisman fan myself, grabbing up whatever i can find.
links upon request for anything you might not have.