Saturday, March 27, 2010

TRAFFIC - Live @ Anderson Theater NYC Nov. 1970

                                     Traffic- Steve Winwood-Live_at_Anderson_Theater_NYC-1970

this is one of my favorite Traffic bootlegs..Steve Winwood has always been and remains a heavy influence in my musical journeys and life. A multi-instrumentalist and fantastic singer/songwriter, I have much respect for him. This tour introduces Rick Grech on bass, allowing Stevie more room for singing and playing keyboards while Chris Wood wails on the sax and flute and Jim Capaldi jammin it up on drums..
the exact date of this shows remains shrouded in can read about it here

Download this great show from rapidshare    HERE

please enjoy and never, NEVER sell these rare gems please.....share the music, share the love..

i always have a lossless version if you want, just....otherwise this is mp3 @ 192kb/s


Mona said...

Thanx for this one...

popeyena said...

thanks for letting me in on this one darlin. love winwood...and that is not the norm for a hick chick from maine. but i love jackson too, so go figure.

hope to see ya, but if not afor summah then one day we will meet up again..seems inevitable.
love ya

Anonymous said...

Hope you put more of your few thousand on. Thanks, again. Jim

Anonymous said...

By the street of 'by-and-bye' one arrives at the house of 'Never'.