Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doc and Merle Watson 3/1/73 Lisner Auditorium Washington D.C.

 As a celebration of me going to Merlefest this weekend, i offer up this great show of Doc and his son Merle from 1973

Doc Watson  is 87 years old this year! Arthel "Doc" Watson grew up listening and playing traditional folk and bluegrass music on the family farm in North Carolina. Blind since infancy, Doc Watson began playing guitar for money in the 1950s, starting out playing the electric guitar in a small local band. With the folk music revival of the 1960s, Doc moved to acoustic guitar (and harmonica) and recorded original and traditional tunes, quickly earning a reputation as one of the best flat-pickers in the business.

Now, a little history about Merlefest.........
In 1985 Docs son, Merle Watson died tragically in a tractor accident on the night of October 23rd and in
1988 The first Merlefest is held in remembrance of Merle Watson and has been being held in North Carolina ever since. 

Doc & Merle Watson
Lisner Auditorium
Washington D.C.
March 1, 1973

Source: Soundboard Reels > DAT
Transfers: Casio DA-7 > Tascam CD-RW 700 (pass through –3 db) >
Audiophile 2496 @ 24/44.1 KHz WAV using Wavelab 5 >
mastered to 16/44.1 KHz WAV (Waves L3) > CDWAV 1.9 > FLAC
1.    Intro, Tuning
2.    Freight Train Boogie
3.    Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
4.    Peach Picking Time in Georgia
5.    Milk Cow Blues
6.    Black Mountain Rag
7.    Black Jack Country Chain
8.    Tennessee Stud
9.    Windy & Warm
10.    3x7
11.    If I needed you
12.    Match Box Blues
13.    The Billboard Song
14.    St. James Infirmary
15.    Doc Talk
16.    Brown's Ferry Blues
17.    Crowd
18.    Mama Don't Allow No Music

Notes: Very Clean Stereo Soundboard, Seldom Scene Opened

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jackson Browne 10/09/73 Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, NY

Jackson Browne 10/09/73
Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, NY

1.Take It Easy
2.For Everyman
3.Song For Adam
4.Ready Or Not
5.Jamaica Say You Will
6.Rock Me On The Water
7.Doctor My Eyes
8.Redneck Friend
9.Sweet Little Sixteen
10.Looking Into You
11.Walking Slow [instrumental jam]
12.Under The Falling Sky

source: FM Soundboard>?> Flac


Comment WLIR-FM live-in-the-studio show on Jackson's 25th birthday; includes David Lindley


This is one of my favorite old school Jackson bootlegs...he and the band are on point and the sound quality is excellent.... if you like Jackson Browne at all, this is a must have bootleg.

and once again, if you dont know how to uncompress audio files with Flac, email me and i will guide you


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jimi Hendrix Free Spirit

JIMI HENDRIX - Free Spirit
Year of Release:  1980

1. Hey Leroy
2. Free Spirit
3. House Of The Rising Sun
4. Something You Got
5. Let The God Sing
6. She's A Fox

I taped this from the record to a Maxell XLII when i was 16.
then 10 years later i transferred it to CDR,
i dont think i used any NR or any EQ, but i cant remember,
i transferred the tape to cd 10 years ago....its been that long since i listened to it.
I do know that this is a rare unreleased vinyl recording so Hendrix fans enjoy!

any problems/help feel free to email me @

source: vinyl>Cass (maxell XLII)>standalone cd burner>Flac

this is an addendum from my original post with information regarding this 'bogus' release..thanx to
tony 'sluggo'  for this info
here are a few scans to convinve you of the bogus tracks on Free Spirit.
Lonnie Youngblood was the featured performer playing sax and doing the main vox. The guitar player`s name is mentioned in scan #1..this book was published back in the early 90`s by author Ceasar Glebbeck who has  been the instrumental force behind the Jimi Hendrix fanzine , "UniVibes" for years,,he is a Jimi Hendrix expert, I have also antoher book by a very famous bootleg collector  called "Belmo" [google his beatles book] that offers up basically the same info about these bogus tracks.
Not trying to be cut or an asshole just  simply am a long time fan of Jimi`s and I like to see the truth  about his work as there is a lot of misinformation out there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The New Brubeck Quartet Live at Montreux 77

This is the 3rd in his '2 generations' series, Dave Brubeck has always been one of my biggest jazz piano influences and when i heard his albums done with his kids (Two Generations of Brubeck) and
(Brother, The Great Spirit Made Us All) i got giddy with excitement...much like Dave probably did as a proud parent jamming with his very able bodied kids playing bass, drums and electric piano's!

Since 2004 they finally got around to releasing the first 2, but for some reason never released this gem of an album onto CD. So I've spent the last month tracking down a good LP copy, only to have to send it to Mama C up in Maine to have it transferred to CD and me to put it here for any jazz lovers pleasure. Hope ya'll enjoy it as much as me!!!!!

For a period in 1977-78 (after the death of altoist Paul Desmond), pianist Dave Brubeck had a quartet with his sons keyboardist Darius, drummer Dan and Chris on bass and trombone. This Montreux concert features five of Dave Brubeck's originals (including "It's a Raggy Waltz" and "In Your Own Sweet Way") along with the standard "It Could Happen to You" and finds father Dave in fine form even if Desmond is clearly missed. This well known album cover features a watercolor illustration by renowned graphic designer, Milton Glaser of Push Pin Studios. SONG LIST: 1. (It's A) Raggy Waltz; 2. Brandenburg Gate; 3. In Your Own Sweet Way; 4. It Could Happen to You; 5. God's Love (Made Visible); 6. Summer Music;

                                   DOWNLOAD LINK HERE

for the people who missed the first 2 Albums in this collection
   click on     TWO GENERATIONS OF BRUBECK      Original Release Date: August 1973      
and              BROTHER, THE GREAT SPIRIT MADE US ALL     (1974)

Sunday, April 04, 2010


LITTLE FEAT 10/18/75

I have been collecting Little Feat bootlegs for almost a decade now and this still reamains one of my favorite in sound quality and song energy...they are on FIRE!!!    DOWNLOAD LINK

Little Feat 10/18/75
Rochester NY, Auditorium Theatre

Source: SBD
Lineage: Trade CD>EAC(secure)>WAV>mkwACT>SHN>wav>mp3 @ 256kbp

01. Skin It Back
02. Fat Man In The Bathtub
03. One Love Stand
04. Rock & Roll Doctor
05. Oh Atlanta
06. On Your Way Down
07. All That You Dream
08. Down Below The Borderline
09. Romance Dance
10. Dixie Chicken
11. Tripe Face Boogie
12. Willin'
13. Teenage Nervous Breakdown

This goes out to Richie Hayward, the drummer of Little Feat who is now battling liver cancer. He is genuinely good guy and one of the most underrated drummers I have had the pleasure to meet, see and hear..
you can read about it HERE    to preview, listen and read reviews of the show, or download in various formats.....