Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doc and Merle Watson 3/1/73 Lisner Auditorium Washington D.C.

 As a celebration of me going to Merlefest this weekend, i offer up this great show of Doc and his son Merle from 1973

Doc Watson  is 87 years old this year! Arthel "Doc" Watson grew up listening and playing traditional folk and bluegrass music on the family farm in North Carolina. Blind since infancy, Doc Watson began playing guitar for money in the 1950s, starting out playing the electric guitar in a small local band. With the folk music revival of the 1960s, Doc moved to acoustic guitar (and harmonica) and recorded original and traditional tunes, quickly earning a reputation as one of the best flat-pickers in the business.

Now, a little history about Merlefest.........
In 1985 Docs son, Merle Watson died tragically in a tractor accident on the night of October 23rd and in
1988 The first Merlefest is held in remembrance of Merle Watson and has been being held in North Carolina ever since. 

Doc & Merle Watson
Lisner Auditorium
Washington D.C.
March 1, 1973

Source: Soundboard Reels > DAT
Transfers: Casio DA-7 > Tascam CD-RW 700 (pass through –3 db) >
Audiophile 2496 @ 24/44.1 KHz WAV using Wavelab 5 >
mastered to 16/44.1 KHz WAV (Waves L3) > CDWAV 1.9 > FLAC
1.    Intro, Tuning
2.    Freight Train Boogie
3.    Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
4.    Peach Picking Time in Georgia
5.    Milk Cow Blues
6.    Black Mountain Rag
7.    Black Jack Country Chain
8.    Tennessee Stud
9.    Windy & Warm
10.    3x7
11.    If I needed you
12.    Match Box Blues
13.    The Billboard Song
14.    St. James Infirmary
15.    Doc Talk
16.    Brown's Ferry Blues
17.    Crowd
18.    Mama Don't Allow No Music

Notes: Very Clean Stereo Soundboard, Seldom Scene Opened


Kovina Kris said...

Thank you. I have so many great memories of seeing Doc and Merle and T. Michael. Although musicians of Doc's stature can't help but keep on playing until the Angel of Death calls them home, you could sense that it was never the same for Doc after Merle died, and how could it be? The talent and telepathy that Merle had with Doc was simply astonishing and the music that poured forth from the stage when they played was a downright spiritual event.

Anonymous said...

nice one - thnxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you- Amazing Show. Doc and Merle were the best- love them..