Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jimi Hendrix Free Spirit

JIMI HENDRIX - Free Spirit
Year of Release:  1980

1. Hey Leroy
2. Free Spirit
3. House Of The Rising Sun
4. Something You Got
5. Let The God Sing
6. She's A Fox

I taped this from the record to a Maxell XLII when i was 16.
then 10 years later i transferred it to CDR,
i dont think i used any NR or any EQ, but i cant remember,
i transferred the tape to cd 10 years ago....its been that long since i listened to it.
I do know that this is a rare unreleased vinyl recording so Hendrix fans enjoy!

any problems/help feel free to email me @

source: vinyl>Cass (maxell XLII)>standalone cd burner>Flac

this is an addendum from my original post with information regarding this 'bogus' release..thanx to
tony 'sluggo'  for this info
here are a few scans to convinve you of the bogus tracks on Free Spirit.
Lonnie Youngblood was the featured performer playing sax and doing the main vox. The guitar player`s name is mentioned in scan #1..this book was published back in the early 90`s by author Ceasar Glebbeck who has  been the instrumental force behind the Jimi Hendrix fanzine , "UniVibes" for years,,he is a Jimi Hendrix expert, I have also antoher book by a very famous bootleg collector  called "Belmo" [google his beatles book] that offers up basically the same info about these bogus tracks.
Not trying to be cut or an asshole just  simply am a long time fan of Jimi`s and I like to see the truth  about his work as there is a lot of misinformation out there.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately only one song on this entire disc has any Jimi involvement and that is "She`s a fox".

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tunes bro!