Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The New Brubeck Quartet Live at Montreux 77

This is the 3rd in his '2 generations' series, Dave Brubeck has always been one of my biggest jazz piano influences and when i heard his albums done with his kids (Two Generations of Brubeck) and
(Brother, The Great Spirit Made Us All) i got giddy with excitement...much like Dave probably did as a proud parent jamming with his very able bodied kids playing bass, drums and electric piano's!

Since 2004 they finally got around to releasing the first 2, but for some reason never released this gem of an album onto CD. So I've spent the last month tracking down a good LP copy, only to have to send it to Mama C up in Maine to have it transferred to CD and me to put it here for any jazz lovers pleasure. Hope ya'll enjoy it as much as me!!!!!

For a period in 1977-78 (after the death of altoist Paul Desmond), pianist Dave Brubeck had a quartet with his sons keyboardist Darius, drummer Dan and Chris on bass and trombone. This Montreux concert features five of Dave Brubeck's originals (including "It's a Raggy Waltz" and "In Your Own Sweet Way") along with the standard "It Could Happen to You" and finds father Dave in fine form even if Desmond is clearly missed. This well known album cover features a watercolor illustration by renowned graphic designer, Milton Glaser of Push Pin Studios. SONG LIST: 1. (It's A) Raggy Waltz; 2. Brandenburg Gate; 3. In Your Own Sweet Way; 4. It Could Happen to You; 5. God's Love (Made Visible); 6. Summer Music;

                                   DOWNLOAD LINK HERE

for the people who missed the first 2 Albums in this collection
   click on     TWO GENERATIONS OF BRUBECK      Original Release Date: August 1973      
and              BROTHER, THE GREAT SPIRIT MADE US ALL     (1974)


Ken said...

Thank you. I love this guy. Have only started listening to jazz in the past year.

Ken Frank

Bri said...

Actually, "Live At Montreux" was reissued by Tomato on CD in 2003. I luckily found a copy on eBay a couple years ago. Bought the original vinyl release in 1978, as well as the now quite collectable "A Cut Above" 2-LP direct-to-disk set. Now that's one that deserves some sort of CD reissue...

thetravellingminstrel said...

please dont confuse this with the Live in Montreux 1982' that was not with his kids. .. i spent alot of time getting this album and getting it transferred to cd and all that fun expensive stuff.
as for a cut above, you could easily send it to me and i will provide everybody with a free copy!!!
or....maybe you can provide me with copies so i can share them!!!!

thetravellingminstrel said...

and sorry, there is some of the brubeck kids on the montreaux 82 show, but i would gladly share the "cut above" cd's!!!!!!!!"hint hint hint. otherwise, your 'cut above' would be a nice addition to this now wouldnt it?

Anonymous said...

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