Thursday, June 10, 2010

GALACTIC 10/22/97 State College PA

 I first discovered Galactic when i was in New Orleans for jazz fest around 1997...matter of fact, it was the same tour..., it is legal to walk around w alcohol as long as its in a plastic when he first heard them we didnt have the 15 bucks a piece (worth it yea, but we couldnt afford it, driving from jersey and trying to stay 2 weeks of jazz fest, so we bought 2 six packs of Abita Turbo Dog (new orleans bock beer..really good stuff!) and hung out and rocked out on the streets...i kept peeking in and remember seeing the drummer laughing cause we were jammin to their music in the streets!! this was when they were a fairly small band...except they were obviously well known in their homtown of Nawliins'!!!!! Later i had the pleasure of hanging w Houseman up in Portland ME and doing a radio promo w him for our station in ME while scrambling to find him some heady nugs before the show for him.... Since then Theyrl DeClouet(pictured on the left) has had some throat he's no longer in the band. I have always been a big advocate of his, but ive actually heard people say they werent into his extremely soulful vocals...WHATEVER!! ANYWAY...This goes out to Houseman....the band hasnt been the same since he left..and thats all i have to say about this...and State College was a small venue...cause my boy Rich ran a Hookah Lounge/headshop a few blocks away called Tall Shiva....anybody who knows me, knows that im not into audience recordings, but this is an exception because its a MATRIX (i.e a SBD mixed w an audience mic and it more sbd than audience!!)
the sound is good, the performance is great..and as Houseman says...stay funky!
source: Eac>wav>Flac

disk one:
Crazyhorse Mongoose
Doo Rag
Layin in the Cut
Root Down (Jimmy Smith)
Love on The Run
Start From Scratch

disk two:
Two Clowns
Little ole Money Maker
Black Eyed Pea
Tippi Toes
Somethings Wrong With This Picture

download link disk 1
download link disk 2

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