Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Roger Waters Behind the Wall 1979 (pink floyd)

Roger Waters -rebuilding the Wall 1979

1.another brick (1)
2.Thin Ice                                                                             
3.another brick (2)
4.another brick (3)
5.another brick (5)
7.Goodbye Blue Sky
8.Empty Spaces
9.Young Lust
10.One of my Turns
11.Babe(dont leave me)
12.Empty spaces
13.Back against the wall (movie theme)
14.another brick (6)
15.Goodbye blue sky the anybody out there instrumental
18.Bring the boys back Home
19.Is there anybody out there (movie theme)        
20.Is there any one out there?
21.Comfortably numb
22.Hey YOU
23.The show must go on
24.another brick (7)
25.Run Like Hell
26.Waiting for the Worms
27.the trial (1)
28.the trial (2)
29.Bleeding hearts an artist

I got this back in 1999 when limewire or morpheus..maybe even napster was around,
it had no track listing, and the source
is SBD>LIB.BOOTLEG>SHN>WAW> was like this when i got it
so i kept it at 256 kbps mp3.
still a great disection or rather building of THE WALL.
a bit of drum machine, but there is a bit of david gilmour singin and playin guitar.
and the rest of the band is here and there... still its studio setting pre album concepts..

if anybody had any corrections, please email me with setlist
corrections, as i did this on my own...there are a few songs
im not familiar with so....well...I GUESSED!
ken  aka      dr.gonzo  DOWNLOAD LINK HERE!!!!

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