Friday, October 08, 2010

NEWSPAPER TAXIS...a bizzare ride to the dark side

some good listening of the points of hallucinogenic structure to abstract thought  from psychological heroes, horrors, and dainty acid dreams that fade in and out of the omitted and submitted unconsciousness of our fragile 'egg shelled mind'

these are interviews, sound clips and radio fun from the late 1960's....from chemists, and high priests and doctors that have influenced the world around regardless of your happened. good or bad trip, expect or disrespect what you is fun to listen to this radio candy from before i was born or even thought of...

some info on the chapters of this radio show.....

Newspaper Taxis: A Bizarre Ride To The Dark Sidern    This is an interesting audio documentary that covers counter-culture topics such as LSD, Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms, Mescaline and the opening of consciousness and contains background information and archive interviews with cult figures such as Philip K. Dick, Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Kenneth Anger, G. Gordon Liddy and more.rnrnNewspaper Taxis is another in the series of spoken word recordings released by Chrome Dreams.

This time around, the spotlight is on the "chemical crusaders, the drugs they used and the cult authors whose work has been influenced by them" like Ken Kesey, Aldous Huxley, and J.G. BallardrnrnTaking its name from the Beatles\' Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Newspaper Taxis ruins yet another good chance to archive some very important recordings with a lame voiceover and cheesey soundtrack.
The narrator this time even takes on a psychedelic tone of voice, which makes for even more laughable listening. Since the source material is a little more interesting coming from a druggy tip, there is a lot of great material buried here that would be cool to sample for a radio show, but good luck digging past the intrusive narration.
They don\'t seem to understand that\'s what liner notes are for.
An interesting side note about the cd title: sometime in the late 80s, 100 London taxis were indeed turned into "newspaper taxis" with entire newspapers published in vinyl on the sides and tops of the cabs.rnrnAn abundance of interviews means that it\'s also great for sampling, but please clear all rights with the publisher before commercially releasing anything that contains copyright material owned by others.
Track Listing (running time: 1hr 17 mins)
Chapter 1:rnThe Wizard of Sandoz (10.15)
Dr Albert Hoffman, Aldous Huxley
. Chapter 2:rnThe Whole of the Law (6.06)
Aleister Crowley. Cult film-maker Kenneth Anger discusses his influence.
. Chapter 3:rnAcid Tests (22.08)rnKen Kesey (author of One Flew Over The Cuckoo\'s Nest) gives the low down on the Government departments that turned on him
Chapter 4:rnThe One Hundred Baby Spiders That Ate Their Mother (13.52)
Sci-Fi author Philip K. Dick - tributes and anecdotes from those that new him including Brian Aldiss, Lawrence Sultin and othersrn5. Chapter 5:rnGod in a Bottle - Timothy Leary & The Chemical Crusaders (13.04)
Timothy Leary chats to his one-time nemesis G. Gordon Liddy.
Chapter 6:rnThe Cyberaid - Tales of Transformation, Beyond the Human & The Brave New World (12.18)
William Gibson and Bruce Sterling discuss cyberpunks, the fusing of man and machine and more...

DOWNLOAD LINK HERE...........its in mp3 format....enjoy!!!!!

LUCY IN THE SKY W DIAMONDS (this is a snapshot from the original beatles video i snapped ;-)