Thursday, November 25, 2010

Count Basie live in Japan 1978'


Count Basie Live in Japan 78' 
(rec 5.21/78)

I found this kick ass tape in the used 2$ bin and couldnt
resist transferring it to disk.....enjoy!

1. The Heat's On    
2. Freckle Face    
3. Ja-Da    
4. Things Ain't What They Used To Be   
5. A Bit Of This And A Bit Of That
6. All Of Me     
7. Shiny Stockings     
8. Left Hand Funk    
9. John The III    
10. Basie    
11. Black Velvet    
12. Jumpin' At The Woodside   

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Count Basie (Piano), Freddie Green (Guitar), Pete Minger (Trumpet), Pete Minger, Norman Granz (Producer), John Clayton (Bass), John Clayton, Sonny Cohn (Trumpet), Sonny Cohn, Eric Dixon (Flute), Eric Dixon (Sax (Tenor)), Charlie Fowlkes (Sax (Baritone)), Charlie Fowlkes, Kenny Hing (Sax (Tenor)), Bill Hughes (Trombone), Butch Miles (Drums), Bobby Plater (Sax (Alto)), Bobby Plater, Waymon Reed (Trumpet), Waymon Reed, Danny Turner (Sax (Alto)), Mel Wanzo (Trombone), Mel Wanzo, Dennis Wilson (Trombone), Count Basie Orchestra (Performer), Hiroyuki Enari (Engineer), Ruri Fujita (Artwork), Ruri Fujita (Design), Ruri Fujita (Layout Design), Jitsuji Honda (Engineer), Masa Imamura (Producer), Masa Imamura (Liner Notes), Masa Imamura (Announcer), Alonzo Wesley, Jr. (Trombone), Noran Smith Jr. (Trumpet), Nobuo Satoh (Producer), Asao Gojoh (Producer), Yoshihisa Katoh (Engineer)

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Anonymous said...

You made me so very happy with this
outstanding post. I love the Count, and this is a real "all killer, no filler" affair. Hard to
find even if you wanna buy it.
I was seeking this so badly, a million thanks!